My New Place

I moved! After living for almost 3 years in Jernalderveien (my old student dorm) I got an invoice saying that the building was going to be renovated, and that I needed to move out. SiS, the student welfare organization in Stavanger, told me that they were offering me another dorm.

I’ve been living together with some of my best friends in Jernalderveien, and I have very good memories of that place, so even if I was a bit sad about moving out, I had to take this offer. This new place has a lot of benefits; I have to admit that I made a good choice, and I am really happy about it.

My new dorm is in Ugleveien (translated as the Owl Road), it is next to a shopping center, many buses drive close to here, and it only takes around 7 minutes to get to school. The rooms are bigger, the bathroom is bigger, the kitchen is new, and it is closer to town. I also have many of my best friends living close, so I’ll get to hang out with them more often!

UgleveienMy new address

BBQ Area

Ugleveien 2Green spaces to play sports or make a BBQ

My new houseMy new house

My roomMy new room

The KitchenThe kitchen

GuinessThe poster in the corridor outside my room

I’m sure this will be a nice place to spend this next year. Let’s see what stories it brings!

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