Nice visit and good food

When I fist came to Norway as an exchange student in 2007 I lived with two very nice Norwegian families. Today, the dad of one of the families was in Stavanger and we went out for dinner. His name is Arve, and he is the Chain Director in Norway’s largest house builder company, Mesterhus.

Arve and me

It was the first time I see him in almost 10 months, we talked a lot and got to get updated in our everyday activities. We went out to have dinner at Sjøhuset Skagen, which is the same place we got to eat the last time he was in Stavanger. This restaurant is quite special, it is located right next to Stavanger’s harbour, it was built around 1770, and it used to be a warehouse. During the old days these houses were used by seamen, but since 1978 it has been one of Stavanger’s most famous restaurant.

Sjøhuset Skagen

The food is quite good, and I personally recommend to try the different kinds of fish offered on the menu. The restaurant itself still looks like the warehouse it once was, which gives an atmosphere of being back in time. If you are in Stavanger and feel like having some fish, I definitely recommend Sjøhuset Skagen.

The Menu

Inside Skagen

Inside Skagen 2


A house with history

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