The Three Swords

One of my favorite places to go out to during sunny days in the Stavanger Region is Sverd i Fjell (Swords in Rock).

The Three Swords

How to get there:

  • Sverd i Fjell (also known as The Three Swords) is a monument  located right next to a fjord called Hafrsfjord. It is possible to get there by taking bus number 29 from the city center. Get off the bus at a stop called “Madlaleiren”.
  • In case you have a car, just take the road called Madlaveien from the city, and continue driving until you see them.

This monument commemorates a battle that took place at Hafrsfjord in the year 872 AD which was won by Harald Hårfagre (known in English as Harald Fairhair), and united Norway into one kingdom. The monument was made by a Norwegian sculptor called Fritz RøedThis monument represents peace, unity and freedom. The biggest sword represents the victorious Harald, and the two smaller ones represent the two defeated kings. 

Swans by the Three Swords

There is a small beach right next to them, and there are also good opportunities for making a BBQ, playing some outdoor games, and having a good time with friends.

Living in Norway has taught me that you have to take advantage of any sunny day, and this is the perfect place to enjoy one of those days!

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