On the boat to Bergen

Note: This boat is not available during 2014

If you are traveling from Stavanger to Bergen (or the other way around) you should take Flaggruten. Norled is the company that is in charge of this route.

There are many reasons why someone should take this boat instead of a bus or a plane.

  • It is cheaper. If you buy your ticket online it might even be cheaper than the bus. You can also find student tickets there.
  • It is faster. By using their high speed boats, it takes a bit over 4 hours to get from Bergen to Stavanger.
  • The view is nicer. The landscape of this route consists of islands, mountains, and fjords. Why not take a route where you can just enjoy the landscape while you wait until your next destination?
  • It is comfortable. Much better to travel by boat than by bus. On the boat you can walk around, buy some coffee or snacks, and even go out to the deck to get some fresh air.
  • There is free wi-fi. For some people (like myself), it is very important to find free Internet access during our trips.
  • It takes you right to the city center both of Stavanger and Bergen.


Here are some pictures of my friends and me when we took the fast boat to Bergen a couple of days ago:


About to take the boat




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