Cycling: Hommersåk – Stavanger

The truth is that I’m not a very good cyclist. As a matter of fact, I started cycling when I was 18 years old, and it was here in Norway where I first started doing it. After many weeks of trying, I finally got to find the right balance. I remember I used to practice along a narrow street, not far away from the house I used to live as an exchange student. I remember many people that went by used to look at me kind of asking themselves “This grown up kid can’t use a bike?” The most embarrasing part was when small children passed by and looked at me all confused.

Anyways, if you really want to learn to do something, you will eventually do it if you don’t give up. Now I have been cycling for a couple of years, but not as often as I would like to. I am still afraid of traffic (even in Norway, where people respect cyclists a lot), and of uphills and downhills. But staying at home being afraid of crashing, falling or getting injured will not help me overcome my fears. I have to go out there, and get better at it. This week a very big bicycle race took place in the Stavanger region called the Nordsjørittet, translated as the “North Sea Race”. This is a 91 km race, and many of my friends took part of it. I am not really sure if I could be able to cycle such a long distance. Not yet at least.

But who knows? Maybe next year I’ll be part of it. Until then, I will train. Last Monday I had my day off, so I borrowed a bicycle from work, took the boat from Stavanger to Hommersåk, and cycled my way back. The boat to Hommersåk costs NOK 48, and it doesn’t cost anything to take the bicycle with you. The trip on the boat is nice itself, you go pass through some islands, and the landscape is magnificent.


On the boatOn the boat to Hommersåk

GPSMy location taken from the GPS





As I took with me a bicycle map, and since the bicycle routes are very well marked here in Norway, I had no problem in finding my way from Hommersåk to Sandnes, and then back to my place. It took me a little bit above 2 hours to complete this 31 km bicycle ride. I did stop to take some pictures along the way, and eat a sandwich. This was more like a chance to get to know the route rather than to go as fast as possible. Next time I will sure push myself and try to get faster and better.

Hommersåk - StavangerHere is the map of the route I did

SheepSuspicious looking sheep

CowNorwegian cow

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