The Roots of the Vikings

One of the nicest things about working in a place like Region Stavanger, the destination company working to promote this region, is that you start building a good network of people working in this industry. A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Mette, a very nice woman in charge of Roots of the Vikings. She wanted me to translate and record the Spanish version of the exhibition.

Roots of the Vikings

Roots of the Vikings is an interactive exhibition which combines history and technology. Starting with the last Ice Age, people go back to the past to trace the beginnings of the Viking civilization and see how it evolved into one of the most dynamic societies in the Northern hemisphere. Each person that visits the Roots of Vikings exhibition will receive a headset from which he/she will be guided through different stations, and be told about different things of the Viking civilization.


I met Mette a couple of months ago, when I first visited the exhibition, located right in front of the Norwegian Petroleum Museum. In the beginning, Roots of the Vikings had 3 languages available for its visitors: Norwegian, English and German. But since there are many tourists from different nationalities visiting Stavanger, it is necessary to have a better offer. That is why Mette contacted me to translate and record the Spanish version! I was given the original text in Norwegian, and I was to translate it, and afterwards, record it.

TranslatingHere I am during the recording process

My friend DagzMy friend Dagmara did the Polish version

It was a lot of fun to record it, and it was my first time at a recording studio; now I know what singers feel when they record a hit! After a couple of weeks, Mette invited all of us back to Roots of the Vikings to listen to our own recordings. It feels so weird to listen to your own voice! Roots of the Vikings now counts with 9 languages: Norwegian, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Russian and Japanese!

ListeningDagmara listening to herself

Come and visit Roots of the Vikings to learn more about their history! They also have a very nice souvenir shop!


Fighting a VikingI’m not afraid of you Vikings!

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