Travel Tips For Norway: Buy Your Tickets Online

It is a fact: Norway is a very expensive country. You might have heard about it before, but you don’t realize how expensive it is until you are here. I will be giving you some tips about how to save some money during your trip in Norway here in my Travel Tips For Norway section.

The first one is this: buy your tickets online! You can really save lots of money if you buy your bus, train, boat or airplane tickets online. If we consider Stavanger as the departure point, we can compare some prices.

The prices were taken in September 2013.

Bus: An example we can use is Kystbussen, the bus that drives between Stavanger and Bergen. If you buy your ticket on board the bus, it would cost NOK 530.-. If you buy it online though, it would cost NOK 420.-.

Now, in case you are a student, if you buy it on board the bus you would get a discount of 25%, but if you buy your ticket online, you get a discount of 45%! Check out prices and discounts here:


Train: At (the Norwegian State Railways website) you can find the option of buying a train ticket with a special price called “Minipris”, which is translated as lowest price, mini price or little price. Here you can get good deals like traveling from Stavanger to Oslo from NOK 299.-

You can even get all the way to Bodø (1.030 kilometers from Stavanger, or 640 miles away) also from NOK 299.-! This trip takes longer than an entire day on different trains!

Note that the minipris option is only available if you buy your tickets at least one day before, and these tickets are non-refundable. You can also buy them at the train stations at the automatic ticket machines.


Boat: Again, if you are going from Stavanger to Bergen, or the other way around, you have the option of taking a fast boat with Norled. Here, if you buy online ahead of time, you can buy a ticket for only NOK 240.- instead of paying the price of NOK 756.- if you buy directly on board. This is a very good deal, and this trip is highly recommended. Find good prices here:


Read my post about the boat to Bergen

Airplane: It is not a surprise that you can get cheaper tickets ahead of time here, but the advice I want to give goes for the people out there who are younger than 26 years of age. SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) has discounted prices for youth to and within Scandinavia! Not bad right? Check their different rates here: Discounted Prices For Youth


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