Summarizing A Good Summer

I cannot believe how fast the summer arrived, and how it went away in the blink of an eye. We had a couple of good sunny days in Stavanger (where it rains and is cloudy many days of the year), so I cannot complain. In many places around in Norway there were clear blue skies during many days in a row, and I even heard that it hasn’t been this hot in 15 years!

My summer went like this:

I worked at the tourist information office almost full time from June to August. I had a 3 week holiday in July, when my brother Andy came to visit. We traveled around Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and I will be writing about the places we visited in the upcoming weeks.

It was a busy summer. I had the opportunity of helping and advising thousands of tourists during those weeks. My friend and colleage Johannes had this brilliant idea of holding track the number of people he helped: 7,800 tourists in 48 days! Since we worked almost the same amount of days, I assume I talked to more or less the same number of people. That’s how busy we can get at the tourist information office! Read Johannes’ blog here:


Talking to so many people can drive you crazy, especially for a quiet person like myself. But I love my job, and it makes me really happy to help people creating memorable experiences in Norway. I think I answered how to get to Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock) about a thousand times, followed by what to see in Stavanger, and where to find toilets and free Wi-Fi (yeah, those are very common questions at tourist information offices).

I also got this amazing opportunity to start working as a freelance guide up to Preikestolen. As I mentioned in a post before, working at Region Stavanger allows you to get to know people working in this industry. I was contacted by Guide Companiet, a guiding company in Stavanger, to work as a guide for their Spanish tourists. I went up there four times. It was a fantastic experience, and I really enjoy being a guide. Being in charge of so many people and talking for hours about Stavanger and its region can sound very scary at first, but once you start talking, everything falls into place.

Guide Companiet

I also got the opportunity of taking journalists up to Preikestolen. I will never forget the day I went there with Joe, one of the funniest persons I’ve met, and Laura, a gorgeous, brown-eyed, established travel writer who writes for big-name pubs. People like them are one of my inspirations to continue writing, and maybe one day, become a professional travel writer.

Laura, Joe, and me

My plans for this semester? I already started school again, and my first exam is in a couple of days already (I should be studying right now). I will continue working at the tourist information office, but part time only. Finally, I also got the opportunity to go back and work as a waiter at my beloved Rica Park Hotel Stavanger every now and then, just like in the old days!

Read my post about working at Rica Park

It’s going to be quite an interesting semester. Here are some pictures taking during this summer in the Stavanger region:

Cruises Preikestolen Queen Mary 2 Feet SkagenSwords in Rock

Good-bye summer! Hello autumn!

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