And So The Darkness Begins

The “summer time” has ended. Or in other words, the clock has been adjusted one hour backward.

The idea of adjusting the clocks one hour forward during spring is so that we can get more daylight during the evenings, and less during the mornings. This is a really happy moment in the spring time, and for me, a clear indicator that the summer time is about to begin.

In autumn, though, this is the opposite. During the mornings we get more daylight  after we adjust the clock (which is of course good), but in the evenings, we get less. As I am writing this post right now, I look outside the window and I see that it is already dark. The time is 17:30, and it is only early November!

In a couple of weeks, it will be dark every time I wake up, and it will be dark every time I go back home from school or work. It’s a scary thought.

For people like me, who come from the middle of the world, this is quite strange when you first experience it; but I am used to it now.

It will continue to get darker and darker until the winter solstice, which will be on December 21 this year. From that date, the sun “turns”, and the days start to get brighter. But to be honest, you don’t feel the difference of getting brighter days until around March!

For me, one of the real challenges of living in Norway is not the snow or the cold weather, it is actually the darkness. Sun, my dear friend, I will miss you!

NocheMy view from a bus stop at around 17:00 a couple of days ago

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