Palm trees in Norway? Yep

Simply out of this world, where the rainbow meets the Earth, a complete package of pleasure, recreation and inspiration.

These are just some of many other descriptions that could best depict Flor og Fjære. An island in Norway with a huge garden and palm trees. Quite interesting isn’t it?

Flor og Fjære

The island is located very close to Stavanger, just a short boat ride away. If you would like to visit what is most likely the only place in Norway where you can find a tropical garden with palm trees then you would need to buy the complete package. The package includes the boat ride from Stavanger, a guided tour on the island and lunch or dinner.

The restaurant is very good, with a delicious buffet consisting mainly of fish and salads and a gorgeous fish soup for starters.

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Flor og Fjære Flor og Fjære Flor og Fjære

You will also have around an hour to visit the gardens on your own. They even have a small beach!

Flor og Fjære Flor og Fjære

I absolutely recommend the visit, good for different occassions like family visits or as a romatic getaway.

The season lasts between May and September.

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